Educational Assistance 

  • We have highly qualified and experienced teachers who provide outcome-based high-quality teaching.
  • We provide utilitarian education to match with the international level of education.
  • “Best Student Award” is awarded at every semester for the best student to encourage them do better and study harder.
  • At the end of every semester, a meeting is held with the highest and lowest five CGPA achievers and student share their views which help others to improve in the upcoming semester. Head of the department conducts the meeting.
  • Every batch has a counselor who is there to guide them and motivate them in all purposes possible.
  • Teachers are extra careful regarding the students who are doing poorly. Extra class is taken for those students.
  • The campus is under Wi-Fi facilities so that the students can get ultimate support regarding their studies.
  • The university provides extra facilities to the students of sons and daughters of freedom fighters.
  • Besides academic activities we inspire our students to involve with various co-curricular and extra- curricular activities.