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Evaluation Process for Postgraduate Programmes

Every course is evaluated on the basis of students’ knowledge about the course contents which are gathered from course materials, books, class room experience, and from real life situations outside the class. The basic system of course evaluation is given below:

Basic Percentage of Marks
Class Tests 15%
Midterm Exam 15%
Final Exam 40%
Assignment 15%
Class Attendance 8%
Class Participation 7%
Total = 100%

Two class tests are taken in each semester-one before midterm and the other after the midterm. Both class tests are taken without prior announcement. One midterm exam is taken centrally by the department and the controller office which is held on announced date.

Final exam is also arranged centrally by the department and the controller office on the predetermined date according to the academic calendar.

Assignment includes the report writing and presentation/viva either individually or in groups. Class attendance solely depends on the students as the marks are given on the basis of how many classes he/she attended among the total number of classes.

The marks of class participation are given on the basis of how each student is responding and interacting in the class.