Master of Education 

M.Ed. Program

The Masters of Education (M.Ed.) is Educational Leadership & School Improvement is initiative towards building professional capacity in the secondary and higher secondary education sectors. The programme works towards enhancing the capacity of individuals who are interested in working in the multi-faceted field of education. We focus on developing their leadership, management, analytical and problem-solving skills, introducing them to the world of academics and research, and helping them enhance and develop their pedagogical knowledge which will be contextually relative to the current education system of Bangladesh and that of the modern world.


The major objectives of this program are to:

  • Create manpower for teaching in the higher secondary education level of education in line with the present education policy.
  • Enable trained teachers to be absorbed in the teaching arena.
  • Enable and equip teachers for research and learning.

Instructional Strategies

A variety of instructional strategies will be used as follows—

  • Lecture followed by group discussion
  • Question-answer
  • Guided Discussion
  • Project Method
  • Participatory approach Review of articles, books/films.
  • A combination of English and Bengali will be followed as media of instruction.
  • Online delivery of courses with the help of a web portal for students dispersed by distance.

Degree/Graduation Requirements

A student must complete 8 courses including a thesis/dissertation for graduation that is he/she must earn a total of 40 credits. Minimum GPA for graduation is 2.00 on a scale of 4.00.